If our eyes are the windows into our soul then our closet is the window into our personal style and how we see and express ourselves through clothing, shoes and accessories. Makes sense!

I recently took a few online closet styles/wardrobe quizzes as one does when they are procrastinating life obligations but are still introspective enough to want to be semi productive. The verdict? I’m a ‘Clothing Economist’ with ‘skimpy storage’. Both of which are true. Now the good part, I don’t live in ‘closet chaos’ or worse than that…have a ‘condemned closet’ but I do feel like my current storage  doesn’t do justice the items I want to have on display. It certainly does not offer me the function and fantasy I believe most people (don’t be shy guys!) would love to have in their closet but don’t believe they can achieve.

As a ‘Clothing Economist’ I’m considered a reserved shopper (somewhere my mother just rolled her eyes and I felt it) which I believe to be true. I only shop when I’m on a mission to find something and I make conscious clothing investments (aka fast fashion doesn’t apply to my wardrobe). For those of you who are the ‘Capsule Connoisseur’ or the ‘Conscientious Collector’ – a closet is an essential area to house and covet all of those fabulous fashion finds in an organized, easy to find – easy to see manner. That is when you truly need to invest in having the ‘closet couture’ – efficient space, proper storage and lighting that makes you WANT to dive into your closet every morning excited to choose your armour for the day! You deserve that dream closet. We all do.

Isn’t it also just so much easier to add to your wardrobe or do a mild clothing purge when you know what you actually have?! For the ‘Capsule Connoisseurs’ or ‘Conscientious Collectors’ – organizing and housing your favourite threads and accessories will likely ignite the creative juices in designing your space to match your clothing (and personality). As for us ‘Clothing Economists’…we’re right behind you with our minimalist blue prints.

This is something best left to the experts – closet cabinetry made custom to your unique space be it a walk in closet, spare room or shared built ins with your plus one will allow the best possible use of square footage AND give you the freedom to tweak as you go. Ditch the plastic storage containers in your basement dungeon or cramped spare room and create that master closet your clothes crave and you dream about.