For the muted colour tone adverse – having a dull looking space in the most (arguably) vibrant and creative room in the home is outrageous. Suggest various shades of beige or taupe is just down right blasphemy to those colour wheel adventurers. So how can a couple from the opposite side of the colour loving spectrum meet in the middle? Here are some options for Incorporating colour into your kitchen…

Make a colour statement with your cabinets, but not all of them. Choosing two cabinet colours that work well with each other and the rest of the colour story in your kitchen is a great alternative to using one overwhelmingly bold colour. The louder colour should be used where it makes the most sense, perhaps more sparingly than the muted tone. Choosing which tone will be on display and which colour chip will be carrying the rest of the room will allow you to figure out placement of the bolder shade. The muted tone will break up the drama and allow the eye to fall in different areas of the kitchen. Considerations, choose the bold for either the upper cabinets or the lower, not necessarily present in both!

Colour combinations we recommend? High gloss lacquer cabinets in Pantone’s ultra violet as the pop of colour with white used in the same high gloss finish for a modern, sleek and dramatic look. Or choose navy as a matte cabinet finish for your pop of colour, and a very light grey to break up the bold.

The tile back splash is another perfect opportunity to introduce colour and a unique pattern into the kitchen. Choose from a solid bold coloured tile stacked in a unique way to create a visual design for the eye, or a tile that has a unique design painted on it with bold colours. Utilizing the tile to add a punch of colour will break up any monochromatic cabinet choice and will allow you to use the accent colour in the tile to create a colour story in the rest of the kitchen space without it being so dominant.

Tile back splash we are crazy about? We would kick it into high gear with a blue/green metallic hex tile against a majority white kitchen – and even consider carrying the tile into the breakfast nook or incorporating it on the base of your kitchen island. Pow! 

Painting an accent wall in your attached breakfast nook or open concept dining space could be the only splash of colour need to liven up that area. Carry it through in areas that make sense like between your upper cupboards and counter top if not tiled. This is also an opportunity to consider art on the walls. A large painting in an open concept designed kitchen/dining space might draw inspiration for the colour on the walls. Don’t be scared to make bold colour choices in the kitchen – consider the size and amount of light from windows.

Our colour preferences? Bright blues always seem to brighten any morning, especially ones when it’s in the minuses outside. Choose a fun piece of pop art to draw colour inspiration from and take it into your favourite paint shop and have them match the colour you want. Remember, paint isn’t permanent so experiment and have some fun!

Kitchen Accessories much like outfit accessories can almost finish a room. If you are a collector of colourful kitchen gadgets, baking tools, mixers or more – don’t hide them in the pantry or your cabinet drawers. Bring them out, show them off and add an additional splash to your kitchen countertops.

Some of our favourite colourful kitchen items? KitchenAid’s stunning ice blue standing mixer, KitchenCraft’s colourworks 9 piece chopping and knife board set which was clearly designed to show off, and last but certainly not least, Daewoo’s gloss purple microwave which is almost too stylish to actually use!