Canadians spend about 90% of our time indoors. The recent pandemic and resulting explosion of remote work opportunities means most of this time is spent inside of our own homes.

Since kitchens are the focal point, it’s no wonder they may be looking a little bit shabby these days. But don’t worry – if you’ve noticed that your kitchen is worn out, Florkowskys’ can help. We specialize in custom cabinetry to create unique kitchens that are as functional as they are beautiful. 

Get inspired to freshen yours up with our list of the top 20 trending kitchen updates.

1. Natural materials

This has been trending for a few years now, as people look to bring more of a nature-inspired look into their indoor living spaces. Think natural wood finishes in warm colours, combined with wood and glass decor to replace plastic.

2. Larger islands

Islands that accommodate family life are a huge hit right now. Maximizing living spaces means making them multipurpose, and an oversized kitchen island is perfect for both meals and entertaining. Choose one with seating for at least four, or consider adding dual islands if space is an issue.

3. Pantries

Although the name itself may seem old-fashioned, pantries are once again on the rise in popularity. That’s because they’re a great place to store additional supplies, hide a coffee bar, or create space for food preparation. Consider camouflaging your pantry with a matching cabinetry panel or sliding wall door.

4. Pops of colour

Even with the movement towards a more naturally-inspired palette, strong pops of colour are bringing kitchens to life. Choose from greens, yellows, or soft pinks to complement wood cabinets and furniture.

5. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets

To make your space feel bigger, extend your cabinetry right to the ceiling. This has the illusion of making your walls taller and provides ample extra storage to keep your space tidy. Custom cabinets can help you maximize even the most awkward spaces or corners.

6. Wood-panelled backsplashes

If you want to add a unique feature to your kitchen, a trending way is to create a backsplash out of wood. The effect is warm and welcoming, and it’s neutral enough to accommodate changes in your paint or decor choices for years to come.

7. Weathered looks

If you’re after the rustic-chic look loved by designers, you can add pieces of weathered wood to your kitchen. Consider using a vintage dresser as an extension of your counter space or create a lived-in look with cabinetry panels from reclaimed wood.

8. Mixed cabinetry colours

There are no rules when it comes to cabinetry colours. Mix them up to achieve a one-of-a-kind kitchen. Choose lighter cabinets on top with darker ones on the bottom, or create visual separation in your space by adding sections of coloured cabinets.

9. Alternative woods

If colour isn’t your style but you want something a little bit different, adding uncommon woods like mahogany can create an exotic look.

10. Stained glass panels

Stained glass is being reinvented in modern homes. As a feature window or room divider, it adds colour and style. It can even be built into cabinetry to create a contemporary art feature in the centre of your kitchen.

11. Dark cabinets

While wood cabinets will always be in style, darker wood finishes are no longer topping the trend lists. Instead, if you want a darker finish in your kitchen, look to navy blues, matte blacks, or even forest greens to achieve the effect.

12. Custom storage

The pandemic became a popular time to experiment with cooking at home and many of us added to the plethora of appliances we already owned. Instead of littering your counter with pasta makers and air fryers, build in cabinets that accommodate them so you can tuck them away when not in use.

13. Glass fronts

If you collect beautiful dishes or have an enviable set of glasses, put them on display by incorporating glass-fronted cabinets. As long as they’re kept neat and tidy, open cabinets can add to an airy feel of extra space and showcase some of your prized possessions.

14. Shiny lacquers

Contrasting the natural wood trend, shiny lacquers are also making a comeback. From bright reds and pinks to high gloss natural creamy whites, reflective lacquers are a modern way to increase light, especially in small kitchen spaces.

15. New hardware

If new cabinetry isn’t in your budget but you want to update the style, changing out your existing hardware can transform a space with little investment. It’s like adding jewellery to your outfit. Matte black or satin options are increasingly popular, as is mixing and matching your knobs and pulls.

16. More drawers

If you have a large island, you can make the storage a lot more accessible by replacing cabinets with drawers. It will make it look more like a custom piece of furniture and create tons of additional space to store items that need to be easily within reach.

17. Customizable appliances

Concealing your appliances can streamline your kitchen for a cleaner look. Customizable appliances allow you to match your fridge door to existing cabinetry, making it virtually disappear. If you can’t update your appliances, maximize their efficiency by adding custom touches like built-in sliding drawers at the sides of your stove or sliding storage panels next to your fridge.

18. Luxe finishes

Touches of gold or silver remain at the top of the list for kitchen designs. From lighting fixtures and hardware to painted furniture and decor accents, warm metallics are a versatile way to add a luxurious feel to a kitchen.

19. Wood shutters

Redefining home spaces and a move towards smaller urban homes means you might want to conceal parts of your kitchen if they blend into other areas like your bedroom or living room. Custom wooden shutters provide a seamless option to allow you to close off the mess when you want to relax.

20. Whatever makes you happy

There are always going to be trends that come and go in home design and kitchen renovations, but there’s no rule that says you need to follow them. The most important thing is that you create a home that’s functional and comfortable. It should be a space where you want to spend your time.

Florkowskys’ Woodworking and Cabinets is here to help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams with master carpenters who can make your vision a reality. No matter what look you’re after, find out how we can create it together by visiting our showroom or calling us today.