Today’s kitchens aren’t just about preparing food. They’ve increasingly become the central hub of our homes. They’re where we eat, entertain, work, and relax. Our kitchens do it all.

To make the most of your kitchen, it needs to be as functional as it is beautiful. Florkowskys’ Woodworking and Cabinets specializes in creating high-end cabinetry, butcher block counters, and custom features that can transform your kitchen into an inviting space everyone in your family will love. 

Before you renovate, read our top five considerations to help you create the ideal family-friendly kitchen.

Durable building materials

Families know that kitchens get messy. Starting out with durable materials that are easy to clean can ensure the longevity of your kitchen design. 

Choose a countertop that’s resistant to staining, like quartz. Made from crushed quartz stone mixed with resin, it’s a nearly indestructible option. If you’re looking for something more unique, Florkowskys’ builds beautiful butcher block countertops. These stunning counters are ideal for kneading dough or making sandwiches, and can even integrate a trivet to facilitate handling hot pots. Their soft surface for dishes and cutlery will also keep your kitchen quieter. 

Families need kitchen cabinets with a durable finish that’s scratch-resistant and wipeable. We recommend our strong, easy-to-assemble box style cabinets, offered in an array of colours and finishes, from matte to high gloss. We also specialize in custom touches like unique glass doors with decorative mullions that allow you to display your finest dishes.

Extra seating and workspace

From family dinners to doing homework to having the team over to watch a game, kitchens need seating that accommodates the whole crew! Large kitchen islands are increasingly popular for this reason. Counter-height stools can easily double your kitchen seating. They’re perfect for grabbing a quick breakfast or keeping the cook company with a glass of wine.

Another popular addition to kitchens is desk space. As more of us work or learn from home, it’s ideal to have a convenient workspace in the kitchen that doesn’t overtake your countertop. Consider building in a custom desk when updating your kitchen cabinets to accommodate a laptop, charging station, and drawers to hide all the clutter.

Storage, storage, storage

Every room in a family home benefits from convenient and well-organized storage, and the kitchen is no exception. We can help you maximize the storage capacity of your kitchen with solutions like built-in spice racks and sliding pull-outs. Customized storage for the items your family uses most will improve the daily functioning of your space. This might mean adding slots inside a cupboard to accommodate a collection of cookie sheets, building an extra shelf to move a microwave or appliance off valuable counter space, or installing a sliding barn door to conceal messy pantry shelves from view.

A splash of colour

Don’t forget to make your kitchen a space where your family enjoys spending time. Adding colour can be an effective way to change the mood or make a room feel spacious.

While warm wood and clean whites remain popular cabinet finishes, brighter colours are also becoming favourite choices. Whether you choose to use colour throughout your kitchen or as an accent in one area to differentiate it from the rest, fresh cabinet colours can make a big impact.

Accents that serve a purpose

Ultimately, the goal of redesigning your kitchen should be to make it work well for your family. Focus on accents that are useful. 

We love tiled backsplashes that brighten a room but are also easy to clean. Chalked menu boards encourage family participation in meal-planning and are an inviting focal point. You might consider adding a space to keep track of all your family’s engagements and activities as well. 

A clear counter makes a kitchen feel serene, but adding well-chosen touches will help it feel like home. Fresh flowers for a mental health boost, a cookbook stand to inspire the chef, or a bowl of fruit for grab-and-go snacks are all double-duty decor options.

Make family dinners fun

By combining durable materials with functional designs, you’ll be able to create a relaxing kitchen that extends the living space in your home and brings everyone together. Florkowskys’ ready to help make it happen.