I have a big family and athletic kids, so our main bathroom is always in use. Our teenage boys love to crank up the heat and luxuriate in long showers, turning our bathroom into a quasi-sauna. 

Although it’s nice not to have to coax them to smell fresh and clean, all the hot showers are taking a toll on our bathroom. In fact, long showers aren’t good for anyone. They dry out skin, increase water and water heater bills, and have a negative impact on the environment. And now, we’re also starting to see the effects of all this humidity on our bathroom cabinets and walls.

So what can you do to protect your bathroom from the unfortunate effects of this humidity? Florkowskys’ Woodworking and Cabinets has a few tips to help your bathroom look good and function well. Keep reading if your bathroom is starting to show signs of humidity damage.

Choose the right materials

We can help you choose the best materials for your needs. Starting out with durable and humidity-resistant cabinetry can help protect your investment and keep it looking beautiful.

The price of particle board is attractive, but if you have a larger family or a bathroom that’s affected by humidity damage, it might not be ideal for you. It’s prone to swelling and shrinking so you’ll want to take steps to prevent moisture from causing it to break down too quickly.

Medium density fiberboard (MDF) is higher quality and more durable. Like particle board, it’s engineered from wood pieces and fiber, held together with resin or adhesives. It can be painted or finished in order to give it some additional protection. 

Other options to overcome moisture issues in a bathroom are cabinets made from plywood or solid wood. High end plywood won’t swell as much as other materials, making it more resistant to humidity. Solid wood with a natural stain or finish can also accommodate some fluctuations in humidity.

Florkowskys’ carries a wide selection of high quality materials that balance affordability with durability. Take a look at our extensive selection of cabinetry materials here or drop by our showroom in southeast Edmonton.

When to worry

Even if you start with the right materials, it’s important to watch for signs of excess humidity in your bathroom. If you notice water condensation on the ceiling, mildew in grout, loosened tiles, or damp patches and peeling on your walls, it indicates moisture damage.

This happens because steam turns into water droplets as it condenses on cold surfaces. It can lead to structural damage in your bathroom and create a welcoming environment for mould and mildew. If you’re noticing these signs, it’s important to take steps to prevent humidity from ruining your bathroom cabinetry and causing other issues in your bathroom like structural damage.

Preventing humidity from wrecking your bathroom

Ask Florkowskys’ highly trained team to help you select the right materials for your specific needs. You can also take these extra steps to prevent humidity from becoming an issue.

  • Run your fan. Regularly use your extractor fan to vent humid air to the outside. You should leave your fan running after every shower and check the filter often to ensure efficiency. 
  • Open a window or leave your bathroom door ajar. This allows humid air to escape, but you’ll want to be careful you don’t encounter humidity issues elsewhere in your home as a result of this moisture.
  • Wipe down visible condensation. Water droplets, like on misted mirrors, should be wiped down to remove this extra moisture from the room. It’s also a good idea to find somewhere other than your bathroom to dry towels, which can contribute to your bathroom’s humidity level.
  • Take shorter, cooler showers. Turn down the heat and set a timer. Shorter, cooler showers will reduce the humidity fluctuations in your bathroom and help prevent damage caused by moisture.

Find out how Florkowskys’ Woodworking and Cabinets can help create the bathroom of your dreams. Although we can’t help you with teenagers, we’ll provide you with exceptional service and quality materials that will decrease the risk of humidity damage and offer long term functionality.