Folks, we know you’ve heard it before, but kitchen renovations really do pay off. In fact, a recent RE/MAX Renovation Investment Report pegged kitchen upgrades as the most promising investment.

Generating as much as 75-100% return on investment (ROI), fresh kitchen updates really resonate with buyers. A new countertop, updated cabinetry, and specialty appliances are all favourites when it comes time to sell, and conveniently, they’ll also make your kitchen a more enjoyable place to cook – when you can’t afford takeout.

If you’re an aspiring chef (or a short-order cook for a large family!) you’ll love our suggestions to transform your kitchen into a meal prepping oasis with just a few minor improvements that are sure to give you great value when you’re ready to sell.

Install a new countertop

The largest horizontal surface in your kitchen really sets the tone for your space. Make it a statement piece by choosing something unique and functional, like a wood butcher block countertop. 

Butcher block is renowned for being durable and sturdy. It ages gracefully and requires little maintenance. Chefs love it for its knife-friendly work surface.

These counters can be made from nearly any wood, but Maple is the most popular thanks to its ideal level of hardness that still won’t dull your best knives. Cherry or Red Oak provide a beautiful, rich hue, while other more exotic woods or even bamboo are also options. 

Florkowskys’ works with a variety of materials to create stunning butcher block countertops. Drop by our showroom to see our selection in person. Whether you’re looking for the affordability of edge grain, the simplicity of face grain, or the strength of end grain, we’ll help you find the right type of wood for your needs.

Max out your storage

Nothing sends potential buyers running like a cluttered, messy kitchen. You’ve probably felt the urge to run too if you often return home to a chaotic kitchen just in time to whip together dinner. The solution? Storage, storage, storage!

Not all cabinetry is created equal. Custom upgrades can make your kitchen more functional and more fun. From inserts that neatly house your baking sheets and cutting boards to turntables for your extensive spice collection, Florkowskys’ can put everything right at your fingertips.

Open shelving is the ideal place to display your favourite servingware and glasses, while appliance garages or hidden pantries allow you to tuck away clutter. You might even consider adding a custom refrigerated drawer for beverages or a warming drawer that keeps your delicious creations ready to serve.

Elevate your backsplash

If you enjoy cooking, either as an amateur or a professional, then you’re no stranger to mess. A backsplash doesn’t just elevate the look of your kitchen. It also makes the area behind your stove top easy to clean when it gets splashed or splattered.

Ceramic or porcelain tiles continue to be solid backsplash choices. They offer versatility in design and are resistant to heat and staining. Homeowners and designers are also getting experimental with their backsplash materials. If you’re looking for something more unique, you might want to explore metal, glass, stone, or stainless steel options.

A backsplash is an simple way to balance out the light and dark features in your kitchen. If your cupboards are darker, a fresh white backsplash can offer dramatic contrast. On the other hand, lighter or white cabinetry is nicely complemented by a rich colour or textured backsplash design.

And while you’re at it, treat yourself to an incredibly convenient pot filler. This type of faucet is installed directly behind your stove and makes it simple to fill pots without any heavy lifting. If you’re a fan of soup and pasta, you’ll definitely love the ease of a wall-mounted pot filler.

Kitchen investments pay off

Kitchen renovations really do offer great value for your money. They’re one of the most reliable investments to help you sell your home, but they also make day-to-day living so much better.

No matter if you love to cook or abhor it, the truth is that we all spend way too much time in our kitchens. Make yours a high functioning and enjoyable place to prepare meals – you may find yourself upping your chef game, or at least making more healthy meals at home. 

Come by our showroom to find out how Florkowskys’ knowledgeable staff can help you upgrade your kitchen and elevate your cooking with a few easy changes.