Do you love makeup? Skincare? Haircare? Maybe all of the above? If you’re like me, you might be swimming in products that are a lot of fun to use but also make your bathroom messy.  No matter how much time I spend cleaning and organizing, my bathroom still looks cluttered and things are constantly disappearing into the ever expanding void at the back of my cupboards.

Have you dreamed of having a bathroom built just for you, with tons of shelves, drawers, and maybe even a vanity? These personalized touches might seem like they’re just for celebrities, but getting the bathroom of your dreams is easier than you thought. Florkowskys’ Woodworking & Cabinets has decades of experience designing beautiful and highly functional bathroom cabinetry. No matter the size of your toiletry collection, they’ll find a solution that works.

Book a consultation with Florkowskys’ expert design team, and say goodbye to bathroom clutter and mess. If you’re ready to finally have the bathroom of your dreams, here are a few things you’ll want to consider before plunging into the renovation process.

Your routine

Everyone’s bathroom and grooming routine is different. This may seem like something that would be irrelevant to your design choices, but actually, it’s one of the most important. What products do you use first and most often? Do you like to get ready sitting down or standing up? Do you use electric hair tools regularly that require easy access to plugs? Are all of your products stored in the bathroom, or do you prefer keeping some in other places? Taking the time to answer these questions can aid in the design of an ideal bathroom setup for your personal routine. 

How hot your showers get

What’s your preference: luxuriating in a long, hot shower, or a quick jump in and out? It’s a weird question to ask, but the amount of heat and humidity your showers generate will affect your cabinets. It’s a good idea to consider this before selecting a material. 

If you take long, hot showers, you should opt for hardwood. This will ensure your cabinets last longer and are more resistant to humidity. Hardwoods suited for the bathroom include oak, maple, and birch. If you aren’t a fan of hot water, you can get away with using some of the softer woods for your cabinets.

Where the light is

What’s worse than a dark bathroom? Taking the angle of the sunlight and the amount of light in your bathroom into consideration can make the whole space feel and look better. If you have a bathroom with loads of light, you can generally get away with darker wood colours. But if your bathroom has low or no light, choose a lighter wood variety.

The colours in your bathroom

When picking new cabinets, you should consider the rest of your bathroom’s features. If your bathroom is primarily neutral colours like white or beige, you can opt for bolder cabinetry colours and stains. But if you have an already colourful bathroom or exciting graphic tiles, a textured, vibrantly coloured wood could make the whole space feel overwhelming. 

Of course, these rules aren’t hard and fast. Maximalism is a growing design trend, and the right bold look could be the perfect compliment for rich wall colour and other standout features.

What kind of in-cabinet storage you need

What do you keep in your bathroom? Is it everything you use while getting ready? Cleaning products? Are there extra towels or other supplies in your bathroom, or do you have a linen closet for surplus storage? Specialized shelves and sectioned drawers can hold all of your collections neatly and conveniently.

Design your bathroom storage around the type and amount of things you want to keep at your fingertips. Little items like hair ties and makeup can find a home in drawers with customized sections to keep things organized. Towels and other linens might be stored in a large wardrobe-style cabinet to keep everything tidy. Bottles are easy to grab from built-in shelves or wall cabinets. Look for a cabinetry design company that can offer you exterior style along with customized interiors to keep everything organized. 

Product addicts and spa day aficionados like me will really appreciate a bathroom with personal touches. If you’re sick of the constant clutter, it may be time to invest in some custom cabinetry. Florkowskys’ will take your unique wants and needs into consideration and design a bathroom that’s ideal for your style and routine, so you’ll never have to look at a messy bathroom again.