Sure, it feels satisfying to slam a door in the heat of an argument. But the banging of cupboards and drawers is another story, and if you’re being driven crazy by the constant noise, it’s time to make your kitchen a slam-free zone.

We offer a wide selection of quality hardware, including hinges and runner systems that will have those doors and drawers sliding closed silently (even in the midst of a fight).

What makes Blum hardware a brilliant choice?

At Florkowskys’ Woodworking and Cabinets, we love working with Blum hardware products. They’re considered the world’s leading manufacturer of fittings for high-quality kitchens, so you can count on exceptional design and durability. This innovative company precision engineers each product, ensuring reliable, smooth operation.

Their selection includes a wide range of hinges, drawer systems, lift systems, and accessories that are designed to suit a variety of kitchen styles and functionality requirements. Each piece is vigorously tested to ensure it meets or exceeds industry standards for durability and performance. So go ahead and slam your cupboards – they’ll swing closed silently every single time. 

If you’re redoing your kitchen or bathroom, or just looking to give it a facelift, Florkowskys’ can help you select the ideal Blum hardware to suit your style and needs. Here are just a few of the reasons our clients adore Blum as much as we do.

  • Blum’s quality hardware can reduce the level of noise in your home. Doors and drawers will close always quietly, which helps to create a more peaceful and productive environment.
  • By installing feather-light glides, you’ll also reduce the risk of injury or damage from slamming drawers. While you won’t be able to get that satisfaction in the heat of an argument, you’ll at least know that children and distracted adults are safe from having an accidental injury. 
  • This kitchen hardware is exceptionally high quality. To achieve their noticeably quiet function, Blum works only with materials and mechanisms that increase the lifespan of their products and reduce the need for repairs.
  • It’s convenient to have doors and drawers that practically sweep shut on their own, and you’ll be able to open and close them without disturbing anyone else nearby.
  • While we love Blum hardware for its superior function, these products are also beautiful. They offer sleek designs that will enhance the overall look and feel of your space.

They’re designed to be adjustable and easy to install, which can save you time and money during the process. Even though Blum makes it easy to install hardware, we still recommend hiring a professional who has the skills and tools to complete the job without damaging your cabinets. 

Our team at Florkowskys’ will ensure that your project is completed perfectly. We can also provide you with valuable advice on the best options for your specific design and budget so you’ll get the most out of your investment.

Ready to get started? Let’s transform your kitchen into a quiet oasis with options for glides, lifts, and handleless fronts. We can also help you update your kitchen with fresh exterior hardware, inspired by these top trending finishes:

Matte black: this sleek, sophisticated option is increasingly popular, and pairs well with a variety of colour schemes to add a little extra flair.

Mixed metals: That’s right, mix them up! There’s no longer any rules about making everything match. You can combine different metal finishes in the same place to add visual interest and create a more personalized look.   

Minimalism: This widespread trend has influenced kitchen hardware as well, making simple, streamlined designs more popular than ever. This is the way to go if you want your space to feel uncluttered and stylish.

Smart technology: Your kitchen hardware can be quiet and smart. Built-in technology like touchless faucets are an increasingly common choice for high functioning kitchens.

Warm metals: Brass and copper offer a unique variation on more common gold or silver options, adding warmth and depth for a cozy atmosphere.

Unique shapes: Unique shapes like hexagons are gaining in popularity, adding a playful or artistic element to a kitchen design.

With lots of elegant options to upgrade your kitchen hardware, Florkowskys’ is ready to help you create a refreshed, inviting space that’s as quiet as it is beautiful. We focus on mixing functionality with aesthetics and work with top brands to achieve the exact design you’re after. We can help you to select the finishes that will look best with your cupboards. 

When you incorporate top quality Blum hardware into your kitchen or bathroom, you won’t have to cringe every time you hear cupboards slamming. Instead, you’ll enjoy a quieter home, even when life feels chaotic. 

Come visit our showroom to find out why we love Blum’s reputation for quality and innovation, and why we’re sure you will, too.