Eco Friendly Cabinets

It isn’t just tree hugging hippies who are concerned about the environment and the impact building materials can have in and outside of the home. For those concerned about toxins, over consumption, landfills and air quality – making eco-friendly decisions begins with new home builds or at home renovations. Targeting the most frequented gathering place…

European Style Cabinets

Perhaps you’re in the market for a total kitchen renovation and you’re running through all the things you want changed in this brand new kitchen. You have the top of the line appliances with the latest technology, an amazing multi-purpose yet extremely beautiful kitchen sink, flooring that is not only nice to look at — it’s nice to stand on but what about the cabinets?

The History Of Woodworking

As important as wood is to our society, it may be a little neglected and maybe a little forgotten in this day and age. With the rise of technology, space age materials are being designed and the use of metal is more prominent than ever before. It is a natural resource that is responsible for a lot things in our life so here’s a look into how it’s be worked over the years.