Becker Acroma’s pre-catalyzed products offer a range of solutions for your end use applications. These products offer ease of application, yet an extremely durable surface when finished, giving a lustrous appearance to the natural beauty of wood. Bernyl Facett LV Haps Free – Topcoat Bernyl Facett LV is a high solids coating with a delivered viscosity the same as our suggested application viscosity. It allows speedy, problem-free coating of wood and has a low formaldehyde emission. To view the details of this type of finishing, Click Here (PDF)

Post Catalyzed

Becker Acroma’s post catalyzed products are known for their low odor and silky feel to the touch, yet are extremely durable. These user friendly products can be applied as self-seal or in combination with our post catalyzed sanding sealers. In addition our high quality two component products offer excellent flow with a finish and clarity that is second to none. Our post catalyzed coatings are suitable for a wide variety of applications and are available in a range of solid contents, allowing flexibility to achieve the solvent emissions directive legislation. INNOVAT CLEAR – Topcoat Innovat is a fast drying, acid cured conversion varnish. Known for extremely high solids at the gun tip, Innovat is one of the fastest build products on the market. To view the details of this type of finishing, Click Here (PDF)

Post-Cat Pigmented

Bernyl Surfacer White – Primer This post catalyzed acid cured primer is extremely fast drying and curing. The primer has excellent sanding properties for interior furniture and millwork. To view the details of this type of finishing, Click Here (PDF) Matador White – Topcoat A high qualitity post catalyzed, acid cured enamel. Matador has the highest solids content in the market today and produces an georgous finish on Bernyl Surfacer White or Bernyl Unisurfacer To view the details of this type of finishing, Click Here (PDF)


Becker Acroma is known as a leader in cutting edge water based clear and pigmented products. These products contain no formaldehyde, low VOC’s, and most importantly develop a hard clear surface that looks more like solvent lacquer than our competitors. Becker Acroma’s waterborne products consisting of stains, clears, primers and pigmented topcoats, have a low impact on the environment and qualify for LEED points Akva Line Sanding Sealer AkvaLine waterborne sanding sealer is formulated for use with the entire Akva Line series of clear waterborne topcoats. This sealer has a high degree of clarity with excellent sanding properties that produces a clear durable finish. AkvaLine sanding sealer is Low in VOC and drys fast and will qualify for LEEDs Commercial Interiors EQ 4.5 credit. To view the details of this type of finishing, Click Here (PDF) 

Coatings Care & Maintenance

The following is our recommended cleaning procedure for all surfaces coated with our coating systems.

  1. Clean coated surfaces carefully with a clean, white cotton cloth, dampened with a mild soap and water solution.
    • A drop of dish-washing soap in a bucket of water is all that is required.
  2. Dry the surface with a clean, white cotton cloth.
  3. Do not scratch the surface.
  4. Do not use cleaning solutions containing ammonia, or any other harmful chemical, as this can discolor and soften the coating.