Lift Systems



Aventos HF – Elevating Bi-Fold Fronts

Aventos HF is Blum's award-winning fitting system designed for bi-fold fronts and large cabinets. This system offers exceptional motion quality and grants you creative freedom. 


  • Enjoy easy access to your cabinet interior with Aventos HF, making daily life easier. 
  • Explore endless design options with little installation effort.
  • Aventos HF is ideal for high and mid-wall units with bi-fold fronts. 
  • It accommodates cabinet heights ranging from 480 to 1040 mm and cabinet widths up to 1800 mm. 
  • With 3 lift mechanisms and 4 telescopic arms, you have a solution for all your needs.
  • Lift mechanisms and front fixing brackets can be used symmetrically, offering more design flexibility.
  • Whether it`s wooden or aluminium frame fronts, Aventos HF has you covered.



Assembly and Adjustment

Assembly is a breeze, requiring only a few basic tools. Adjusting the lift mechanism for optimal function is simple. Aventos HF opens, stops, and closes with dependable ease, and its 3-dimensional front adjustment ensures precise gap alignment.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Effortless Interior Access: Aventos HF makes reaching your cabinet`s interior a seamless experience.
  • Soft-Closure: Experience the gentle closing action with Blumotion.
  • Assembly Made Simple: Enjoy easy and safe assembly, with straightforward fine-tuning to achieve the perfect fit.