Hinge and Runner Systems



Clip Top Blumotion – Elevating Your Cabinet Experience!

Clip top Blumotion isn't your ordinary hinge system; it's a marvel of innovation, design, and unmatched user convenience, all in a compact space.


  • Blumotion technology seamlessly integrates into the hinge boss, setting a standard in space saving design.
  • Improved hinge pivot opens up a world of possibilities. Accommodating thicker door depths with ease.
  • With Clip top Blumotion, every door closes quietly and gracefully. You can turn Blumotion on or off as needed.
  • Choose from a 110° standard hinge with various cranked hinge arms, a 95° profile door hinge for thicker door depths, blind corner hinges, angled applications from -50° to +50°, alu frame hinges, and a 155° wide-angle hinge.



Assembly and Adjustment

Assembly and adjustments are made easy. Achieve the perfect fit with 3-dimensional adjustment. You can even switch off Blumotion when dealing with smaller or lighter drawers. We offer multiple boss fixing options, including screw-on, knock-in, and tool-free boss setting with Inserta. Clip top Blumotion is compatible with your existing Clip mountings making installation and removal a breeze

Advantages at a glance:

  • Integrated Blumotion: Enjoy the convenience of Blumotion integrated into the hinge boss – and turn it off when it`s not needed.
  • Adaptable for Thicker Doors: The new hinge pivot effortlessly handles thicker door depths.
  • Compatibility: It seamlessly works with your existing mounting plates.