CLIP top BLUMOTION – Innovative technology integrated into the boss

CLIP top BLUMOTION brings together innovative technology, award-winning design and enhanced user convenience within the smallest space (because BLUMOTION has been seamlessly integrated into the boss). The improved hinge pivot produces completely new planning options. The system even copes with thicker door depths. Every door can now close with one silent and graceful action. BLUMOTION can be switched on or off depending on what’s needed.


Why opt for an add-on if you can have it all in one? CLIP top BLUMOTION offers full function and soft close!

  • 110° standard hinge with different cranked hinge arms
  • 95° profile door hinge for thicker door depths.
  • Blind corner hinges
  • Angled applications from -50° to +50°
  • Alu frame hinges
  • 155° wide angle hinge

CLIP top BLUMOTION applications





Assembly and adjustment

In addition to screw-on and knock-in boss options, CLIP top BLUMOTION also offers tool-free boss fixing with INSERTA. CLIP top BLUMOTION is compatible with existing CLIP mounting plates. Thanks to tried and tested CLIP technology, fronts can be mounted and removed quickly and easily. Infinitely variable 3-dimensional adjustment is simple and precise. Simply switch BLUMOTION off, for example, for smaller and lighter doors!

Advantages at a glance:

  • BLUMOTION integrated into hinge boss – simply switch feature off if not needed
  • New hinge pivot for thicker door depths
  • Compatible with existing mounting plates