TIP-ON for doors

Easy opening with integrated door gap adjustment

Handle-less fronts open at a single touch with the TIP-ON mechanical opening system by Blum. To close, simply press shut. TIP-ON is combined with the tried and tested unsprung CLIP top hinge to deliver top quality motion for doors. TIP-ON can even be used for AVENTOS stay lifts.

Extended range

You can choose between the short and long version of TIP-ON, for drilling or with an adapter plate depending on the application. The door gap adjustment feature is integrated in all models.

Integrated door gap adjustment

Tool-free depth adjustment

The adjustment (+4/-1 mm) is integrated into the TIP-ON unit and can also be used with drilled in TIP-ON. To adjust gap, turn the ejector pin. The click-stop positions allow you to easily find the right setting.

Comprehensive range

Extended adapter plate range

Both the short and long version of TIP-ON can be combined with a wide array of adapter plates, ensuring that you can maintain a slim design. Opt for the rectangular and straight-cut plate for a sleek and discreet look.

Assembly and adjustment

With its integrated door gap adjustment, TIP-ON offers sophisticated technology and easy adjustment. Special templates for assembly are available from Blum. These make the work even easier and help you to get the most out of the TIP-ON functions.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Tool-free depth adjustment
  • Extended range of adapter plates
  • Easy assembly