Florkowskys installed the kitchen at this house by the owners in 1997. We bought the house in 2007. Although the cabinets were in great shape despite a few obvious wear spots, I investigated replacing the cabinetry. At that point, I was unaware of who had done the original instalment. After a more indepth inspection of the cabinet interiors, I discovered the name on the inside hinges was the original cabinetmaker. I contacted Jason, the son of the owner, who promptly attended at our home and reviewed the damaged spots and recommended the re-painting of all the doors in his shop. Together with cabinet fronts installed on the exposed end cabinets and non-storage sides of the island, replacement of a desk with a more functional 3-drawer cabinet, the re-working of a base cabinet to hold pull-out trash and recycle bins, and new hardware, a beautiful makeover took place without the cost of all new cabinets. In addition, a crown mold was installed over the upper cabinets to the ceiling that replaced the dustcatcher space which gives the kitchen a further update and the look of a more substantial cabinet structure. Both the tradespeople and their workmanship were of utmost high quality standards and they took pride in their skills and abilities.

At this point, the kitchen remains unfinished. I am currently awaiting a second instalment of backsplash tiles which had nothing to do with Florkowskys’. Unfortunately, other work done in my kitchen was not of the same quality calibre. Otherwise, I would have posted photos. However, once it is complete, I am looking forward to further sharing my experience with Florkowskys and showcasing their work.