It is the most frequented room in the house and often times it is the most telling of when a home was built or last updated. THE KITCHEN! Renovations and kitchen overhauls can be expensive, time consuming and disruptive but we have some simple tricks to focus on that will guarantee a breath of fresh air in your space.


Paint or refinish your cabinets

If your cabinets and cupboards aren’t broken, beat up and bruised – it might not be necessary to tear them down and buy new. If you like the layout of your space and it is just the colour of the wood that’s got you stuck in the past, refinish or paint for a much affordable update! If you are considering this route, price out having them professionally sprayed and then decide whether or not you want to tackle this job solo or with some professional assistance. If it becomes a DIY project remember depending on the current finish and product – you will likely need to do some sanding before the first coat of paint goes on. If you are refinishing you ABSOLUTELY need to get off all the current finish or paint off before you begin fresh!

Trends to consider:
– all white or cream for your top cabinets with a darker more vibrant colour for your bottom cupboards ie: eggshell and navy
– doing a lacquer finish for a mega glossy look


Upgrade and update your hardware

You would be shocked at how simple swapping out those dated handles and knobs can be in creating impact and a refresh in your kitchen. Choose contemporary and sleek hardware that is similar in size as your current handles to ensure the fit. Take your old hardware with you while shopping for your new style – trust us we’ve made this mistake more than a few times only to go back to the store to find a better match.

Trends to consider:
– contrasting darker handles against lighter finished wood or painted cabinets
– understated rather than ornate
– uniquely painted custom knobs for a vintage look


Fresh coat of paint goes a long way

Don’t just consider your cabinetry when thinking about a fresh coat of paint. Painting the walls in your kitchen can enhance the look of your cupboards, backsplash and countertop. With all that’s happening in the kitchen it is best to do a complimentary neutral shade against your cupboards but to consider an accent wall in close proximity for a pop of colour in your breakfast nook or if you have an open concept design with the dining space. While you don’t need to hire a professional interior designer if you don’t have the budget – do some major research online and find some dynamic photo inspiration to base your design and style off of which will help organize your thoughts, ideas and plans.

Trends to consider:
– wallpaper accent wall in neutral tone but fun design to compliment kitchen colours
– use a bold colour paint for areas between cupboards if you don’t have a tile backsplash
– integrate colourful art work or accessories in your kitchen or dining space if you have the room to add colour if you want to remain neutral with your wall paint colours


Replace the sink and facet

They are the most overused and often overlooked items in the kitchen when considering a simple style update to your space. We would argue nothing is more of an eye sore than a grubby sink and faucet in your kitchen. It might be a more practical solution however, a kitchen faucet swap out is an opportunity to make a design statement and also bridge contemporary and traditional design elements with little effort. While we recommend swapping out both at the same time – you can choose to upgrade your faucet without the sink just make sure you purchase one with the same spread and the same size holes for a stress free installation (we learn by experience).

Trends to consider:
– The elegant gooseneck faucet
– Pull down single handle faucets for no fuss sleek look
– Opting for stainless steel or chrome

Above all else when considering any upgrades to your kitchen make sure you do your research, consider all options and get creative to save you some dollars while adding personality to your space. If you don’t love it – don’t do it!