If you’re planning a kitchen renovation and have opted for wood cabinets, congratulations, you’ve made an excellent choice! Wood is durable and low maintenance. It looks beautiful and even adds value to your home. 

Now that you’ve made this great decision, it’s time to choose the variety of wood to use for your new cabinets. If you’re finding this task overwhelming, it’s not a surprise – there are over 60,000 species of tree worldwide, and while not all can be used to create cabinets, many can. So, how do you pick the best wood for your new kitchen cabinets? 

At Florkowsys’, we have decades of experience with wood. We’ve used our expertise to break down some of the most popular wood varieties for kitchen cabinets and assessed their unique attributes.

Knotty Pine

Close your eyes and picture a cabin in the remote wilderness. What does the wood look like? Rustic, knotted, lots of patterns and texture? That’s Knotty Pine. This wood brings charm and personality to any kitchen. If you’re a nature lover, chances are you are already feeling drawn to this wood. You’ll be happy to know it is one of the most sustainable varieties available in North America!  Knotty Pine is a softer wood, making it ideal for carving and customization. But be warned, being soft also makes it one of the least durable options and it will show signs of wear and tear over the years if not carefully maintained.


Beech is on the opposite end of the spectrum from Knotty Pine. Beech wood has a subtle, contemporary pattern and little surface texture. As a result, it gives a uniform look that appears almost artificial – but with all the durability and longevity of natural wood. It’s a beautiful option if you are going for a sleek, modern look or if you want to let your countertops shine. Plus, its tight pattern means it is dense and durable.


Looking for a unique and modern choice that will set you apart from the crowd? Bamboo might be the perfect option for your new kitchen cabinets. Bamboo is like Beech’s edgy younger sister. You’ll still get a somewhat uniform look but with geometric patterns and lines running through the wood. Like Beech, Bamboo cabinets are highly durable and don’t ever need to be refinished.


Hickory is known for its incredible strength and durability. It’s the hardest wood native to North America and can withstand almost anything. Slamming, banging, and other kitchen blunders are no match for Hickory. However, because Hickory is so strong, it can be harder to carve, so if you plan on adding lots of detail to your cabinetry, you may want to explore other options. Hickory can be stained but has a beautiful, light, warm natural colour. If you want to add visual interest to your Hickory cabinets, it is available at Florkowskys’ in a rustic finish that resembles Knotty Pine. 


Classic, elegant, and vibrant are all words that have been used to describe Cherry wood. As the name would suggest, Cherry wood has a rich, reddish hue. As this wood ages, it takes on a darker colour, adding a cozy element to any kitchen. This natural aging process has a lot of appeal, but it also means your cabinets will look different as they age.


As it turns out, the iconic Canadian Maple makes some beautiful cabinets. It naturally has a smooth, tight surface and small pores that result in a multidimensional look when stains are applied. Because Maple is so smooth, it’s the best choice for those looking to paint their cabinets. It’s also strong enough to be stripped and repainted, so if you love to switch up your interior design, this is the wood for you.


Oak comes in several varieties. The density and integrity of the wood are similar but the colour, texture, and pattern change. The two main varieties are White Oak and Red Oak. White Oak is darker and almost gray, while Red Oak is lighter and has a warmer tone. Florkowskys’ has both standard cut Oak and rift cut Oak that has a more uniform appearance. Oak, especially Red Oak, is an ideal base for a rich and even stain. However, it responds poorly to paint as it’s too porous. 

No matter the wood you choose, we’ll help you make an excellent choice for your kitchen. Wood is durable and reliable, making it a top choice for use in homes for thousands of years. The unique pressures of the kitchen, like high temperatures and lots of traffic, makes expert installation a wise investment. 

Florkowsys’ has over 40 years of woodworking knowledge. We can help you find the wood that best suits your decor and lifestyle. Check out our extensive wood catalogue to find out more about these top choices and the many other varieties we offer. Your perfect kitchen cabinets exist and we have the expertise to build them.