No matter how well you take care of your home, things eventually start to look shabby. This includes your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, which are a central feature in the most-used rooms in your home. 

If yours are starting to look a little worse for the wear, you might be trying to decide if you should refurbish or replace them. It’s a dreaded hangup for any homeowner, since picking the wrong option can mean wasting both time and money. 

While we can’t advise you on the right choice for everything in your home, here at Florkowksys’ we do know a thing or two about cabinets. So, if you’ve been walking into your kitchen or bathroom and noticing cabinets that are scratched up, stained, or looking distressed, here is our advice on how to decide what option is right for you. 

Refurbishing cabinets 

Refurbishing cabinets takes less time and costs less money than replacing cabinets. This makes it the favourable option for most homeowners, especially if you still like the general look and set up of your cabinets. However, there are some things you should keep in mind before settling on the convenience of a refurbishment. 

You can only reface your cabinets if they are made of high-quality material. Lower quality materials can’t be sanded down or fixed. Because these are less durable materials than solid wood, it is also likely that your cabinets will have been damaged to their core rather than just experiencing surface staining. 

On the other hand, if your cabinets are made of a durable material like hardwood, it’s likely they can withstand refurbishment. It may be as simple as putting a new glaze or stain on the wood, and your cabinets will look good as new. Solid wood cabinets can survive decades with proper care, so if yours are looking shabby, they may just be in need of some TLC. 

You can try a DIY refurbishment if your cabinets only have surface level flaws like chipped paint or a finish that’s wearing away. However, it is often best to call in the professionals. At Florkowskys’ we offer cabinet refacing and can expertly address any issues to make your cabinets look like new.  We’ll also advise you on their condition and integrity before we get started – and give you tips on how to make them last longer. 

Replacing cabinets

Replacing cabinets can be a big undertaking, since there are so many materials and styles to choose from. However, it’s sometimes necessary to replace your well-loved cabinets, and our team can help you choose new ones that will update your space in both function and style. 

The good news is that getting new cabinets can also be a fun and exciting process. You’ll have the opportunity to totally customize new cabinets to your taste and lifestyle, and even include customized options that will have you jumping for joy. 

How do you know when it’s time to replace your cabinets?

The kitchen and bathroom are both rooms that are susceptible to high traffic, heat, and humidity. They also endure lots of temperature fluctuations that can affect the life of your cabinets.

One way to tell if you need to replace your cabinets is if they start to warp. If your cabinets aren’t closing properly, look swollen, or are otherwise misshapen, it’s likely a sign of water damage. Both your kitchen and bathroom cabinets are exposed to steam and humidity that can cause water damage over time, especially if your cabinets are not properly sealed and maintained. 

Water damaged cabinets can be dangerous. Not only do they run the risk of breaking but they can also develop mold if you leave them unchecked. Mold isn’t ever good inside your home, but it’s especially bad to store food, medications, and other things you ingest in a moldy area. 

Another surefire sign that it’s time to replace cabinets is if there are strange smells and stains in your cabinets that you never seem to be able to get rid of. Any funky, musty smells and stains are a sign that your cabinets have had their best days behind them and are deteriorating. These signs could also be a sign of mold. 

If your cabinets are made of metal or plastic, they will unfortunately have to be replaced rather than refurbished. These materials are strong and durable, but unlike wood, they aren’t easy to reface. Instead, you’ll have to replace them.

Finally, there is no shame in deciding to replace your cabinets just because you dislike the style or layout. Bathrooms and kitchens get used heavily so it’s essential to have a functional layout. Having customized cabinets designed for you can make a huge impact on your daily life. And to ease your guilt, your old cabinets can sometimes be reused or recycled.  

It can be difficult to know whether you should replace or refurbish your cabinets. The answer isn’t always obvious. This is a good guide to give you a starting point on your options, but it’s always best to come talk to us about your specific concerns and needs. We’ll be able to assess your cabinets, find out what material they are made of, and choose the best course of action for your home.