Wood Types: MDF



Main Uses

MDF is inexpensive and easy to work with and MDFs mild reaction to moisture makes it ideal for bathroom cabinets and other high humidity applications. MDF is renowned for its high strength properties and it is becoming increasingly popular for kitchen applications. The fire resistance of MDF makes it ideal for fire surround purposes

General Description

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is a wood based composite material that draws on the usage of wood fibres, rather than particles or veneers to produce board or sheet products. It is replacing the use of particleboard in uses such as furniture manufacture, cabinet making, joinery, craft work and flooring. Its advantages include high strengths, ease of machining, good weathering properties, and the ability to be made from a wide variety of fibrous products.

Working Properties

MDF is an ideal alternative to solid woods and it is used for a number of purposes including making office furniture, kitchen cabinets, panel mouldings, dining sets, fire surrounds and many more. Due to its smooth and stable surfaces MDF is also used for decorative wood or laminate veneers and it can easily be drilled and cut to specific sizes

Physical Properties

MDF, has a range of uses within business trades, but most extensively in building and DIY, due to its high strength and stable properties. The composition of MDF offers many opportunities for it to be used as an alternative to solid wood and it has various beneficial properties; including minimal trim waste, heat and moisture tolerances and excellent machining characteristics

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