Wood Types: Teak



Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, India. Plantation-grown in Latin America and Africa.


Very Good


Teak is one of the world’s noblest timbers, growing to heights of 150 feet, with a straight, trunk up to 3 ft. to 5 ft. in diameter. Heartwood is dark yellow when freshly cut, darkening to a medium to dark brown upon exposure to air and light. Usually straight-grained but occasionally interlocked. Easy to work but with a severe blunting effect on edge tools; carbide tipped cutters are recommended if not essential. The wood has an oily or waxy feel and a fresh scent when worked. Its durability is legendary. It is widely used for shipbuilding, boat trim, flooring, paneling, marine plywood, outdoor architecture, tanks and vats, furniture, cabinetry and kitchen accessories.

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